Concrete Dyes

Lanxess’ Shadeacrete Colours, renowned for quality and colourfastness, are produced for enhancing cementitious products.
They come in a wide range of colours and are resistant to alkali and do not fade over time.
The following colours are stock items; but other colours are available to order.

Concrete Dye Colors
BuffLight Red
Brick RedTeak
Strong Yellow 12.5KgCardinal Red
Golden BrownGrass Green
Strong RedManila 12.5Kg
Pennine GreenTuscan Red 12.5 Kg
TerracottaBlack Oxide
Strong BlackCharcoal

• The shades shown are approximate and should be used as a guide only.
• Colours should be mixed through the concrete at a recommended dosage of 5-7% per weight of cement.
• Pigments illustrated are colourfast and alkali resistant.

Shadeacrete Colour cards and samples are available on request.
All colours come in 25Kg bags unless stated above. Water soluble bags and liquid dyes available on request