Fosroc® Renderoc Plug 1 & Renderoc Plug 20 Mortar

Fosroc® Renderoc Plug constructive solutions Rapid setting cement-based, water-stopping mortars conforming to the requirements of BS EN 1504 Class R1 Uses For the rapid patching and plugging of concrete segments, concrete and brick tunnel linings, sewage systems, below ground access chambers, pipes, basements, foundations and mines. Advantages  Emergency water-stopping capability  Single component  Excellent bond to the substrate, Low exotherm minimises thermal cracking, Pre-bagged to overcome variations in site batching, Chloride-free, Renderoc Plug 20: Approved for use in public water supplies, Renderoc Plug 20: BS6920 tested product. Renderoc Plug are rapid setting mortars which are easy to apply to horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces at a wide range of thicknesses. There are two grades available:
Renderoc Plug 1 with an initial set time of approximately 1 minute
Renderoc Plug 20 with an initial set time of approximately 20 minutes.
(Set times are based on ambient/substrate temperatures of 20°C.)

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